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"Enchanting Ireland"... Take an artistic journey to the Emerald Isle as seen through the eyes and palette of American Artist, Bernie Rosage Jr. A collection of paintings and adventures inspired by two trips Bernie and his wife, Tami, took to the Emerald Isle. The first trip was in 2008 and the second was in 2014.

Bernie has been blogging their adventures and the background of this collection on this blog... browse around and enjoy yourself.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

"Galway Hooker"

I realize this title sounds a bit provocative... especially to an American becoming acquainted with a Galway Hooker for the first time. Before our trip to Ireland a friend told me to be sure to take photos of the Galway Hookers when we visited the Western Shore knowing I would love to paint them as a subject... my jaw dropped as I seemed perplexed... she then told me to go home and google "Galway Hooker"... the joke was on me! I've had a fascination with Galway Hookers ever since!

"Galway Hooker" by Bernie Rosage Jr. 10x8" Oil on Panel, 3-2009.
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Check out these videos to see some real Galway Hookers in action...
Interview from Sailing Documentary by Joleen Cronin

Seoltóireacht Ghéar TG4
Promotional video about a new Galway Hooker Series on TG4

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sean Dempsey and the Rare Auld Times

"Sean Dempsey and the Rare Auld Times" by Bernie Rosage Jr... 30x24" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Close up.

This painting was inspired by a couple of photos I took while in Ireland plus one of my favorite Irish songs. Photo #1 was a Dublin pub sign that read "Guinness and Dublin in the Rare Auld Times"... Photo #2 was actually taken in Galway City on this old salt enjoying a pint of the black stuff outside a Galway pub. The name for the piece comes from one of my favorite Irish folk songs... "Dublin in the Rare Auld Times" which mentions Sean Demsey... thus the title for this painting.

Enjoy this video and listen to the lyrics and let the story behind this painting unfold before your eyes and ears...

Dubliners : In the Rare Auld Times : Dublin Ireland Photos