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"Enchanting Ireland"... Take an artistic journey to the Emerald Isle as seen through the eyes and palette of American Artist, Bernie Rosage Jr. A collection of paintings and adventures inspired by two trips Bernie and his wife, Tami, took to the Emerald Isle. The first trip was in 2008 and the second was in 2014.

Bernie has been blogging their adventures and the background of this collection on this blog... browse around and enjoy yourself.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two thumbs up on Dan Hill's DVD... "Enchanting Ireland... a Mighty Craic"

Tami and I just got done viewing Dan's DVD from our trip that he sent us...

I am only able to sputter out single words like...


because my chin is still on the floor... Two thumbs up Dan!

Thanks so much!

A message from Dan...

Hello world travelers! Bernie's e-mails and blog got me to thinking that some of you might enjoy the DVD that I made from the video and pictures that Beth and I took on the trip. I made the DVD for our "Ohio 8" hence, most of the footage includes us... but the places we visited, well, you were there too, and might enjoy this recap of a great trip. Actually, the introduction by Allie is worth the time watching.

Email Dan for details...

Dan Hill
Valley Forge Productions

The "Ohio 8"...

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