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Friday, August 8, 2008

Billy and The Irish Jaunting Car...

Tami and I got a real treat while staying in Killarney... a ride on a real Irish Jaunting Car. The real treat however was our driver, Billy... what a character!

Tami and I sat right up front in the driver's seat with him...

MISTAKE!!!!... he took a quick liking to my wife!

Of course I soon found out he took a liking to ALL women in general and my jealousy was soon replaced by his charming/witty entertainment! I wish I could remember his "1001 one liners"... everyone in the car took a fondness to him as he took a shine to ALL of the ladies. I came across this youtube video of an Irish Jaunting Car ride... can you guess who was driving?... that's right... our charming Billy!... a true Kerry Man according to our tour guide, Allie!

At one point Billy had Tami take over the reins and drive the car leading Rosebud (the horse) while he fixed the wheel. She did a great job... wish I had a photo of her doing so. The ride cost 13 euros per person and lasted about an hour. The ride and Billy's antics were worth the price but add the beautiful scenery of the Killarney National Park and the excursion was priceless!... especially when coming upon a scene like this...

If you are ever in Killarney... give Billy a call and set up a tour... you'll be glad you did!

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