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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A little American/Irish history... "In Memory of the Irish Volunteer... Wearing of the Green"

My painting below is dedicated to the members of the famed Irish Brigade who fought so gallantly for the Union during the American Civil War. In December 1862, after many hard months of hard fighting the regiments of the Irish Brigade turned in their ragged regimental flags... they were to be replaced at a ceremony set for December 13, 1862 but the brigade was called into action for the Battle of Fredericksburg and the tragic assault on Marye's Heights that day. The New York regiments went into battle that day without their green flags. In their stead, General Meagher and his staff gave a sprig of boxwood to every man to wear in his hat to identify them as members of the Irish Brigade. The 28th Massachusetts, the only regiment carrying a green flag that day, was placed in the center of the brigade as it made the assault. The results of the attack were devastating; the Irish Brigade that had gone into battle 1200 men strong, came out with only 263 standing between its five regiments. Sprigs of boxwood (the wearing of the green) were a common adornment on their hats from that time on.

"In Memory of the Irish Volunteer... Wearing of the Green"... 8x10" Oil on Panel, alla prima from life, 2008.

Click on image to see a larger view...

Close up...

I set up this still life in my studio paying special attention to the historical accuracy of the subject. The federal kepi is adorned with a sprig of boxwood and red trefoil corp badge which was distributed to the Union army just before the battle of Chancellorsville in May 1863. The Red Trefoil or Club denoted the Second Division, Second Army Corps which the Irish Brigade was assigned to for most of its service to the preservation of this country.

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